Alisa Frik

More About Alisa Frik


Alisa is a PhD candidate in Behavioral and Experimental Economics and Social Sciences in the University of Trento, Italy.

Her background is in Management and she has working experience in Marketing and HR. Her doctoral thesis is about analysis of the mobile and Internet users’ attitudes towards privacy. She has done research on the factors affecting consumers’ trust and purchase intent on the e-commerce websites and impact of risk tolerance and need for control on the privacy related behaviors.

She is currently researching the impact of Online behavioral advertising on consumers’ welfare. She uses methodological approaches such as surveys, in-depth interviews and focus groups, and lab and field experiments.

Alisa has advanced experience in survey and experimental design, quantitative and qualitative analysis, writing scientific papers as well as reports, and giving presentations for businesses and general audience.

She is also interested in human-computer interaction and human-centered design. She prefers the type of research that is aimed at answering the real-world questions and will have a real public policy or business implication rather than pure theoretical contribution. She enjoys working on projects in which she will be able to combine analytical and creative skills together for finding unique solutions for challenging and interesting issues.